Sematic 2000 C-MOD model

Sematic 2000 C-MOD is the answer. Featuring a wide range of options, 2000 C-MOD doors come with frame (C-MOD-Boxed Frame) or without (C-MOD-Naked and C-MOD-Naked Gap Closing), giving flexibility to your installation's needs.

Car doors can be coupled with automatic (C-MOD K-AUT) or manual swing landing doors (C-MOD K-MAN), for those situations that need car door upgrade only. They can both be equipped with standard Sematic Drive System (SDS) controller for higher performances and control or with standard SRS for cheaper solutions. Sematic 2000 C-MOD has a minimum 117 mm bottom track package, making it a small and compact solution, without giving up robustness and quality that are typical of our products.

General Features

  • Car and landing door in compliance with EN81-1/2:1998 - 95/16/EC Lift Directive
  • TB ranging from 600 to 1400
  • TH ranging from 2000 to 2300
  • BOXED (framed) or NAKED (frameless) landing door
  • 1,2mm thick mild steel single skinned door panels
  • 1,5 mm (RAL 7032 powder painted) mild steel header
  • Long life guide shoes
  • Bottom track pack starting from 117mm
  • Compatibility kits available for a wide range of existing installations
  • Impact robust packaging