Sematic 2000 B model door

Ideal for any application, Sematic 2000 B features high flexibility and a portfolio of finishes and fixings.

Wide range of frame customizations, special executions, installation in the shaft or in recess are only a few of the features of this product. As an alternative to standard 135mm door posts, you can choose portal constructions, even with framed glass door posts and increased header. For the most demanding installations, the product can be further configured and customized: sizes can also be decreased and components can be designed on specific needs; Sematic Engineering department is at customers' disposal for this scope, to satisfy any request.

Sematic 2000 B covers a wide range of international regulation requirements and fire certifications, even for glass executions; all of Sematic products are designed, produced and tested to satisfy high technical and qualitative standards, with special care to safety. Wherever aesthetics is a must, Sematic 2000 B offers prestigious solution, such as glass executions (with or without glass frame), hidden bottom track, under-driven operator and a pool of other options, make these products perfect for the integration into the most ambitious architectural projects.

General Features

  •     Car and landing door in compliance with to EN81-1/2:1998 - 95/16/EC Lift Directive
  •     TB ranging from 500 to 3000
  •     TH ranging from 2000 to 3000
  •     Single skinned compact panels with steel plate min. thickness 1,5 mm (powder paint RAL 7032)
  •     Header with steel plate min. thickness 1,5 mm (powder paint RAL 7032)
  •     Long life guide shoes for panels
  •     Aluminium track
  •     Impact resistant packaging