Sematic 2000 B-G model

Basing on 2000 B modular structure, Sematic further developed and focused this project answering to all those situations that need more robustness.

The result is Sematic 2000 B-G, door for the transportation of goods; it well covers all those applications such as airports, undergrounds, railway stations, shopping centres, hospitals (e.g. for stretchers), service lifts in general (industrial, residential, offices), car transportation lifts and applications in which doors can potentially be hit.

Sematic 2000 B-G has a strong structure to withstand collisions; it features partially on the floor door posts (for an easier and more stable installation), steel made upper tracks, increased rollers for more robustness; all the components are studied with special care to quality, duration and to guarantee high performances. Sematic 2000 B-G comes with different options and certifications covering a wide range of solutions, and if you can't find what you need in our standard range, our engineering office is always at your disposal for product customization.

General Features

  • Door conforming to EN81-1/2:1998 - 95/16/EC Lift Directive
  • TB ranging from 1.000 to 3.500
  • TH ranging from 2.000 to 3.500
  • Reinforced frame and panels
  • 1,5mm thick (powder painted colour RAL 7032) mild steel header
  • 1,5mm thick mild steel single skinned door panels
  • Steel upper tracks
  • Impact resistant packaging