Merih automatic car door B-20 Serie

Merih B-20 Serie; practical assembly, panel adjustment in 3 axes, adjustability of clear opening


  •     DC-PWM without limit switch
  •     220 V AC supply voltage
  •     24 V DC Brushed motor
  •     2 channel (A,B) 100 ppr encoder

Multiple electronic settings :

  •     Size / Length and velocity parameters
  •     Door power that can be limited seperately on opening and closing dimensions
  •     Compatibility for variation of open / close signals (24VDC-220VAC)
  •     Option for working with one (close) signal
  •     Adjustability of NO and NC circuits during communication with main board

Multiple mechanical settings:

  •     Practical assembly
  •     Panel adjustment in 3 axes
  •     Adjustability of clear opening