Elevator Cabin - Hattusas

Interior design of Hattusas model elevator cabin is decorated with furniture and underside of the furniture is decorated with super mirror st. st.

Car Interior Covering Furniture, super mirror stainless steel
Car Interior Accessories Super Mirror Stainless Steel
Car Interior Mirror Super Mirror Stainless Steel
Car Floor 20 mm Natural Granite
Car Ceiling Special wood, mirror St. St., laser cut with indirect lighting
Handrails Single handrail stainless steel
Ventilation Square Fan 220V 12/12, upon request Special Fan 220 V 15/60
  • Our elevator car floor is natural granite and our lift cabin ceiling is laser cut designed stainless steel with interior opening and electrical wiring is ready to install.
  • Ceiling lighting is strengthened by spot lights.
  • Elevator cabin ventilation is provided with a powerful fan in the ceiling.
  • The integrity is maintained with single handrail.
  • External pluggable lift car walls provide easement of installation.
  • Standard bolted safety balustrade and panel skirt is supplied with the cabin.
  • Our HATTUSAS model elevator cabin is more preferred by residential, villa, hotel and commercial buildings.