Alberto Sassi G400 L1 Gearless Machine Motor

450 - 1100 Kg capacity G400 L1 gearless machine motor weight is 245 Kgs. Maximum static load capacity is 3000 kgs. Click onto image for more details.

ALBERTO SASSI G-400 L1 gearless machine motor is upper model of G-400 L0. It has synchronic motor. Compact machine motor, especially in MRL system provides easy  use. Quite noiseless at high comfort and maximum efficiency.

ALBERTO SASSI G-400 L1 Maximum static load capacity is 3000 kgs

Carrying capacity is 450 – 630 kgs. for 1:1 roping system. 450 – 1100 kgs for 2:1 roping system.

DFXY brake is compatible with EN 81-1, and designed according to +A3 1998:2009 directives.