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Global Partner Elevator carries out overseas marketing of lifts produced by BSB Elevators since 2006 in line with European standards.

It offers various packages accoding to the customers' demands (passenger, goods, hydrolic, with machine  room -MR, without machine  room-MRL, monte charge ) in Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East, provides the products from its solution partners inside and outside the country and delivers them to the customers.

According to the customers demands, it carries out suitable price research for all products other than lift and presents offers.

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Elevator Safety and Elevator Maintenance.
Elevator Safety and Elevator Maintenance When it comes to elevator safety, the first thing that comes to mind is the elevator maintenance. Elevator safety is a legal obligation in accordance with the elevator directives that brings European Union standards in 2003.
LiftExpo 2018 Algeria.
LiftExpo 2018 Algeria LIFT-EXPO Algeria Elevator Exhibition

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